Martes, Marso 28, 2017

Pink Fridays #2: Baby Ice's Popping Out Soon!

I did a pictorial with a lovely couple friend, Ryan and Shahani.  Their baby Ice was due anytime soon so we did a quick photo shoot.

I bet baby Ice would love those pink socks!  Doing pictures of babies and pregnant friends made me think, why didn't I have "proper" preggy pics before? But then I thought, my tummy looked so ugly with stretchmarks, anyway! Haha! :D

My entry for : Pink Fridays

5 komento:

  1. Those are cute pink socks! Baby Ice would surely love them. She knows momma has prepared a lot for her already.

  2. Awww! Look at that big but pretty bump and the cute pink shoes. I bet soon the baby girl will look pretty in her comfy socks to warm up those cute tootsies. You did amazing job on the pregnancy photographs Mommy Raya.

  3. Dami na ngang usong mga pictorial ngayon. From pre nup to pre preg,lahat na lang documented and I really envy those people who did,specially the pregnancy pic,bec I look orrible when I was pregnant, lol!!

  4. wow, so cute . . . baby is on the way too but don't know yet the gender..

    dropping by for Pink Friday..
    how are you?

  5. OMG!!!! Ang cutieeeee! You're really getting handy with that cam sis. :D